Lust, Money & Murder Series (15 Books) - General Information

Synopsis (Books 1, 2 & 3)

Born in the worst suburb in Pittsburgh, Elaine Brogan is bright, beautiful and bold. When her father is falsely arrested for passing counterfeit $100 bills, Elaine vows to become a Secret Service agent and track down the man responsible. After barely surviving the arduous Secret Service Training Academy in Laurel, Maryland, she is transferred to bleak and blustery Great Falls, Montana. But things do not go as planned, and Elaine soon finds herself betrayed and thrown into an adventure that takes her halfway around the world, from dark and mysterious Sofia, Bulgaria, to Moscow Russia, and finally, to Milan, Italy. In the end, will Elaine find the love and happiness she truly seeks…or will she turn to a life of obscene wealth, power and corruption?

Dear Readers,

I write and publish the Lust, Money & Murder series in trilogies. The books in first trilogy are shorter than the rest, which are all full-length novels.  All of the books in the series feature the same basic cast of characters (give or take).  Each trilogy is named after the part of the world where most of the action takes place.  As with most series, it's best to read the books in the order that they were written, as listed below. But each of the Lust, Money & Murder trilogies can be read as a stand-alone. 

Book Formats
The complete series is available in ebook format.  The first trilogy is available in paperback on Amazon and can be ordered online from Barnes & NobleBook Depository, and other retailers.  The first trilogy is available in audio format as well on AudibleAmazon, and iTunesThe audio version of Book 1 is also a free download on SoundCloud

I'm adding paperback and audio formats to other titles in the series on an ongoing basis. The fastest way to find out which formats (besides ebook) are currently available is to to check the Amazon page for that title. You can reach the Amazon page by clicking on the links in the list on this page.

If you wish to buy the books in ebook format at a discount, you can do so on my online  Discount Bookstore. You can reach this store page for any particular book in the series by clicking the following store icon when you see it appear.   

Happy reading!

- Mike Wells

The First Trilogy

(Lust, Money & Murder #4)

(Lust, Money & Murder #5)

(Lust, Money & Murder #6)

The African Trilogy

(Lust, Money & Murder #7)

(Lust, Money & Murder #8)

(Lust, Money & Murder #9)

The Greek Trilogy

(Lust, Money & Murder #10)
(Lust, Money & Murder #11)
(Lust, Money & Murder #12)

The Japanese Trilogy
(Lust, Money & Murder #13)

(Lust, Money & Murder #14)

(Lust, Money & Murder #15)


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  2. When will book #6 be released?

    1. Soon (within the next few months). Sorry this has fallen behind schedule, Kim, but we are doing our best to get it out. Please make sure you are on my VIP Reader list so you will know when it is released -

  3. Love your books! Can't wait till #6 comes out

    1. Thanks, should be in a few weeks

    2. When is Book 7 will be available online?

    3. Hi, Carie. I will start publishing it in a week or two, sometime this month (November) Please join my VIP Reader List (if you haven't already) so you will know when it comes out -

  4. Hi Mike I have been reading, and enjoying, your series, Lust Money and Murder, starting off with Nos 1,2 & 3 and purchased the rest of the series today. Was really enjoying Book 4 and then all of a sudden it finishes and gives me a link to download the entire copy. If I follow this through, it is exactly the same length of the book that I purchased (275 pages) so am not sure what to do. When I try to purchase through Amazon it tells me I have already purchased it and yet it seems as though I haven't. Could you please let me know what to do next as I am really enjoying this series and hope that the rest of them that I have purchased are entire books also. Judith

    1. I Judith, thanks for your message. Not really sure what the problem is - where are you downloading the book from (Amazon, iBooks, etc.)? And where exactly does the story stop, what are the last words on the last page?

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  6. I am enjoying your thrillers. They are real page turners, especially the series.