Advice for Writers

Below you will find a number of posts I have written to help both established and aspiring authors improve their fiction writing skills and advance their careers.

1.  A "Secret" Formula for Creating a Short Synopsis for Your Book
2.  6 Tips to Help You Get That Novel Written
3.  The Importance of "Candy Bar" Scenes in Your Writing
4.  Three Ways to Make Your Story Pull Readers In from the First Page 
5.  Writers Beware:  The Fast Yes and The Slow No
6.  Should You Self-Publish or Go the Traditional Route?
7.  Developing a Thick Skin
8.  Does Bruce Willis Have a Dog?  Less is More
9.  Developing Your Artistic Style
10.  5 Steps to Landing a Good Literary Agent
11. 15 Common Mistakes Found in Query Letters
12.  15 Sure-Fire Ways to Lose Your Readers
13.  Common Questions about Agents & Publishers
14.  Writing: A Career You Can Fall Forward On
15.  Dealing with Rejection from Literary Agents and Publishers
16.  Readers, Writers, and The Curse of Genre
17.  What Lady Gaga Taught Me about Fiction Writing
18.  What's a Good Title for a Book?  Ask a Tabloid Journalist
19.  Getting Professional Feedback on Your Writing
20.  How a Public Speaking Phobia Nearly Destroyed My Career

The above articles can be downloaded in one handy ebook, Kill Your Darlings:  20 Advice Articles for Fiction Writers from Amazon USAAmazon UK, B&N (Nook)Apple iBooks, Google Play and Smashwords (Kindle, Epub & PDF formats)

Of Further Interest to Writers:
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  3. Why I'm Not Publishing Books on Paper
  4. Why Audiobooks?
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