Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Lust, Money & Murder, Book 13 - Face-Off Now Available for Pre-Order!

The 13th book in the Lust, Money & Murder Series will be released on Thursday, January 31st and is available for pre-order on Amazon, Apple Books, Nook, Google Play, Kobo....AND the new Mike Wells Discount Bookstore (more about that below).  This latest LM&M book was particularly hard to write because our new baby (Sophia Wells) came into the world in the middle of writing it.  Hopefully #14 and #15 will move along faster (she's fine, another joy to behold!)  All I can say about this new book: be prepared for a wild adventure, this time in Japan. Elaine and The Cat butt heads, as usual!

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Along with the release of this new book, I'm pleased to announce the new Mike Wells Discount Bookstore.  You can get a 25% off discount on this new book and significant discounts on all others.

I set up this store specifically to allow you to bypass the large retailers and buy my ebooks directly at significantly lower prices. In return, I hope that you'll share my books with your friends to increase my readership.


You earn a 15-25% discount right off the bat by sharing my books on Facebook just prior to purchase. You'll get 25% off for books on pre-order, 20% off new releases (out for one month or less), and 15% off all others. It's easy! On each product page, you will see the Share button just underneath the price of the book, and sharing will slash the price instantly.

For larger discounts, you can share one of my book product pages with your friends via email or on Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, What'sApp, etc. If they buy the book, they get a 25% discount...and you get a 25% discount, too!  Plus, your referral discount will increase another 25% each time a new friend buys the book, up to 100%. To start earning these larger discounts, choose the book you would like to have, then at the top of the screen, click on Refer a friend and get 25% off...

If you don't want to do any sharing, that's fine, too--you can still get a 10% discount on all my books because you are a member of my VIP Reader list.  To join and immediately get the discount coupon, click here.


For all my treasured readers--any time you buy one of my books that is part of a series, you can buy as many follow-on books in the same series as you want, at the time of purchase, with a 20% discount on all of them.  (Note: The discount box for follow-on books pops up automatically when you are in the checkout process, but for security reasons, it only works on desktops and laptops, not mobile devices).

Thank you for your support!  I hope you enjoy Lust, Money & Murder, Book 13 - Face-Off!

Lust, Money & Murder Book 13 Pre-Order Links:

Share the Lust, Money & Murder Book 13 book page
 on Facebook and earn 25% off on the book!

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