Sunday, August 23, 2015

Forbidden: A Novel of Love & Betrayal Now Being Produced in Audio - LISTEN FREE!

I'm excited to announce today that Forbidden:  A Novel of Love & Betrayal, which I coauthored with romance author Devika Fernando, is now being produced as an audiobook.  In addition, the serial publication of Lust, Money & Murder Book 6 has been so successful with readers that we have decided to publish this new audiobook in a serial way, too, so my VIP Readers can listen free.  As each chapter or set of chapters is finalized, they will be uploaded to SoundCloud (note:  the free files will be deleted once the audiobook goes on sale).  The prologue and first few chapters are already posted (about 25 minutes worth of listening) - click here to get started.  If you are not already on my VIP Reader List, please sign up here.

Expertly narrated by Karin Allers, who also narrated Passion, Power & Sin as well as Baby Talk, Forbidden is a romantic thriller about a young waitress in Kansas who is discovered by her long lost birth mother.  She's plunged into an scandalous adventure that takes her into European high society and eventually leads to a deadly, life-changing conflict.  London musician Adisha Kariyawasam has composed theme music which we believe perfectly fits the story.

As new chapters are posted on SoundCloud, I will update you weekly at the same time I update the serial posting of Lust, Money & Murder Book 6, and will include a link so that you can take up listening right where you left off.

Have a great Sunday!

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