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Every woman knows an Adam. He always has the perfect excuse when you find that long strand of blonde hair stuck to his collar. But Adam can't fool Bethany, who, despite her better judgment, falls head over heels with him. Hilarious at times and poignant at others, you'll find yourself turning the pages faster and faster to see if the two can get together. Another 'unputdownable' Mike Wells read!

Book 1 (Free!)

Book 2


  1. Took my quiz and I'm a Learner but I can't get the free book - no biggie as I'll just purchase the Book One and Two set. Thanks Mike.

    Judith Plante

  2. Hi, Judith, thanks for your comment. I'm happy to help - I'm guessing maybe you were on the UK Amazon site and are in the USA, or vice-versa. Just email me (via the contact tab on this page) and I can help you solve the problem, if you haven't already bought the set.