Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Tesla Secret - New Book Release!

I’m excited to announce the release of a book I wrote quite a while ago that has finally been untangled from a rights problem and that I can now share with you.

Called The Tesla Secret, it’s a “What-if?” type action-adventure novel that concerns a secret lab notebook that belonged to the brilliant scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla. This notebook, which contained his most groundbreaking developments, was 'lost' when all his research papers were seized by the FBI shortly after his death.

Here is a short video teaser and synopsis:

When a Stanford University physicist is kidnapped and whisked away to a top-secret research facility near Moscow, he finds that a Russian oligarch has developed a “free energy” machine based on the lost work of Nikola Tesla. There, he is forced to finish developing the earthshaking invention. If perfected, the machine will provide unlimited, pollution-free electrical energy extracted from the earth’s very atmosphere. In so doing, it would make the oil, gas and alternative energy industries obsolete.  It could also solve the world’s problems with poverty and perhaps even climate change.

Torn between his scientific ego and the fact that people driven by profit alone are in control of technology that has such monumental humanitarian potential, the professor reluctantly begins to help with the project. Working side-by-side with him is a beautiful woman from Tajikistan who has special knowledge related to the device’s operation and is also being held against her will.  The professor soon develops feelings for her, and they both try to escape, which takes them on a harrowing chase through Moscow. The two are relentlessly pursued not only by the Russian oligarch and his henchmen, but by an oil industry cartel who will stop at nothing to keep the disruptive technology hidden from the world.

Readers of Dan Brown, Michael Crichton, Robert Ludlum, Blake Crouch, and Nelson DeMille will enjoy this exciting, well-researched techno-thriller.

As with most of my stories, I have packaged The Tesla Secret as a trilogy but am using a rapid release schedule as follows:

Book 1 - Already released on October 2nd

Book 2 - On pre-order, will be released October 17th

Book 3 - On pre-order, will be released on October 29th

However, all three books are already available on my online bookstore. If you download Book 1 (which is free there), you will receive the option of buying Books 2 and Books 3 at a 20% discount.

You can get another 10% off using the VIP Reader discount if you sign up to my VIP Reader List (you will receive the discount coupon code right after you sign up).

I hope you enjoy The Tesla Secret!

The Telsa Secret, Book 1 Download Links:

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