Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Important Info for Lust, Money & Murder Readers

I wanted to give all my Lust, Money & Murder readers a heads up, particularly those of you who may be in the middle of the series.

If you have read many of these books, you already know that they are written in trilogies.  I've now repackaged them to better reflect this, naming each trilogy after the part of the world where the significant action takes place.  I also have new cover designs, as you can see.

Why did I do this? you may not wonder at all. Although it's always best (IMO) for readers to start with the first book in a long series like LM&M, this arrangement gives readers many more entry points.  It also makes it clear that the LM&M books can be read in more "bite-sized" chunks.  Having a new, more colorful cover for each new book also helps visibility on the retail sites.

My series download page has been similarly redone so you can easily navigate around the trilogies -

Not one word of actual content has been changed.  I hope you enjoy the books!

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