Friday, April 20, 2018

To Other Suspense Series Authors

I'm currently looking for authors who want to publish books under my "brand" using the James Patterson co-authoring approach. I have done this with three other authors in the past and the results have been beneficial to us all.

The book you offer should already be written, and it should also be the start of a possible series, with common characters who appear in each new book.  Any genre is acceptable as long as it has a strong suspense element - romantic suspense, sci-fi suspense, espionage, international crime, mysteries/detective, etc.  It doesn't matter whether you have already published the book.

I offer a 50/50 royalty split on all ebooks sold, paid quarterly.

I have no written contract - I work with other authors on a good faith basis.  Any agreements are made with simple emails.

If you're interested, please send me a message at mike (at) and tell me what you have to offer.

Best of luck with all your writing projects,


P.S. I’m not interested in co-writing books from scratch with other authors--I'm too pressed for time right now.

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