Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Complete Lady Sotheby's Curse Trilogy Now Available!

I'm excited to announce that the third and final book in the Lady Sotheby's Curse trilogy (Forbidden Series #4, 5 & 6) is now available for download.  

Here's a sneak peek from the third book:

Nobody can hurt you from the grave, Jayne thought.

She took only a few more steps forward on the hiking trail, but came to a halt again.

A couple of pebbles skipped down the cliff above and bounced across the trail, right in front of her.

She looked up, but of course the previous leg of the trail itself wasn’t visible from here, only a meandering, curving wall of rock that supported it.

Were there other hikers following her?

She listened, turning her head, but heard nothing but the faint trickling of water from rain runoff. It was so quiet out here that she thought she could hear another person breathing at one hundred yards. 

For a second, she thought she heard a scuffing sound from above, the sole of a hiking boot against loose rocks.

Then she remembered the gray sedan in the parking lot, and she wondered if that person could have…

There was a sharp crunching sound from above.

When she looked up again, her heart gave a powerful thud.

A rectangular boulder was rolling down the steep incline, bouncing end over end…it looked like it was the size of a refrigerator.

Jayne stood there with her mouth agape, perfectly still, like the proverbial deer caught in headlights. 
This was partly because she couldn’t believe it was actually happening, but also because the path of the erratically spinning, lurching boulder was impossible to predict.

She gave a start, scrambled to the left, then back to the right, and to the left again, her eyes widening in terror as it careened more or less straight at her. She could feel the ground shaking through the bottoms of her feet each time it came down out of the air and slammed against the earth.

At the last possible moment, she dove left and screamed.

The massive rock thundered past her, barely missing her head, so close that she felt the wind of its wake.

In the instant she hit the ground it slammed onto the trail only once, then bounced into the air again and disappeared from her field of view.

Shaking, she scrambled to her feet, peering back up the cliff face, half-expecting to see another one coming.

“Jesus Christ,” she croaked. She rushed over to the trail edge and saw the monstrous rock bounce once more before it disappeared into a thicket of pines. She heard the splinter of wood and saw a couple of the trees shake.

Then all was still and silent again.

With her heart thudding madly, she whirled back around and looked up the cliff, trying to see who was up on the trail above…but saw and heard nothing.

All was as silent as it had been before.

“Jesus Christ,” she muttered again, her voice trembling. Was what had happened just a coincidence? 

Could it have been the person in that gray sedan? If so, who the hell was it? The blackmailer?

Her lunge to the ground had wrenched her backpack partially off her shoulders, one strap digging into her neck. She straightened it out and numbly continued down the trail, quickly, anxiously glancing up at the rock face every now and then, afraid of another “attack,” if that’s what it was.

Prepare yourself for another suspenseful adventure with plenty of twists and turns!

Note:  This trilogy can be read as a standalone, but as with most series, it's better if you read the first trilogy beforehand.  You can start the series free by downloading Forbidden, Book 1 here.

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