Thursday, September 8, 2016

Are you as good as Elaine Brogan at spotting counterfeit currency?

Secret Service agents like Elaine Brogan who work in the Anti-Counterfeiting Division must be able to quickly identify fake banknotes.

Can you spot the differences in the two $100 bills below?  The bill on top is genuine, and the one on the bottom is fake.  All of the mistakes are easily visible with the naked eye--no magnification or enlargement is necessary.  Again, there are SEVEN mistakes in the fake. (The case where two symbols or graphics are swapped counts as one mistake)

Real US $100 Bill (2003 Series A) - CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Fake US $100 Bill (2003 Series A) - CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

For the answers, click here.  

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