Friday, July 10, 2015

Blind Scorpion Spy Thriller Released!

I'm excited to announce the release of a new novel that I have co-published with thriller author Farsheed Ferdowsi called "Blind Scorpion:  Iran's Nuclear Sting."  This novel asks the intriguing and frightening question:  what if Iran really IS secretly developing a nuclear weapon?

Here is a synopisis:

The BLIND SCORPION is a Top Secret computer program for simulating nuclear weapons explosions and the catastrophic havoc they wreak. Dr. Ross Shaheen, the developer of the software, is living the American dream. Between his internationally-recognized nuclear weapons research career at the prestigious Berkeley Lab and his picture-perfect family in the San Francisco suburbs, it's a good life that can only get better...until he is lured into lecturing before an elite group of scientists in the country of his birth: Iran.

The seven thousand mile trip takes Shaheen back to the land of the lion and the sun, yet it also delivers to Iran's very doorstep an important American citizen with Top Secret security clearance. It soon becomes clear what the Iranians are really after: the BLIND SCORPION. The coveted software is the key to advancing their clandestine nuclear weapons program without the rest of the world being able to prove its existence. Shaheen becomes entangled in a twisted web of espionage, corruption and survival, putting to the test not only his secret knowledge but also the very core of his allegiance to the land he now calls home.

If he lives, Ross Shaheen could walk away a hero.

The question is, for which country?

This thoroughly researched spy thriller is written in the vein of Tom Clancy/John Le Carre.  The fact that the story was written by an Iranian-American who grew up in Iran gives the narrative an air of authority and authenticity.   In short, I cannot say enough good things about this book.  Normally I don't publish books under the Mike Wells brand that I have not written or coauthored myself, but I made an exception in this case because I was involved in shaping it.  

Farsheed Ferdowsi
When Farsheed decided to write this story, he had never tackled the writing of a novel before, and since we have been close friends ever since college, I agreed to be his mentor.  As he finished each chapter, I gave him detailed feedback and helped him keep the narrative tight, to maintain the high level of tension required to achieve the "unputdownable" reader engagement that I am so particular about.  When the manuscript was finished and polished, Farsheed published it himself in both paper and ebook format under another title (Mushroom in the Sand), but due to his busy schedule and family commitments, he was never able to put a serious effort into promoting it.  However, despite this limitation, Mushroom in the Sand garnered 122 Amazon reviews averaging 4.6 stars, which--interestingly--is almost exactly the same number of reviews/average rating that Lust, Money & Murder 1, 2 & 3  has (126 reviews and 4.6 stars average).

Having said all that, while Blind Scorpion is a thriller, it is not my usual fare, so the story and characters may not appeal to all of my readers.  But no worries--as always, you can download Book 1 of and give it a no-risk try.  If it grabs you, I recommend you buy the three book bundle as you will save money.  The book is available in ebook format on all major retail platforms - links are below:

I hope you enjoy it!


Book 1 (Free on most sites!)

Book 2

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