Monday, May 23, 2011

"Baby Talk" Has Been Released!

Happy to report I'm the proud father of a new "baby" just delivered to the Amazon Kindle stores (USA, UK and Germany). Only the tyke in this book--"Baby Talk"-- isn't the little bundle of joy that most daddies expect. At least not to Neil Becker, the protagonist of the story.

Neil is a miserable 19 year old who dropped out of college to marry and support Annie, a girl that he got pregnant. Neil was against Annie having the baby for the start, feeling that neither one of them were psychologically or financially prepared to bring up a child, and urged her to have an abortion. But Annie insisted on having the Natasha, and, pestered by a guilty conscience, Neal decided to marry her.

But all that's back story. When the book opens, it's five months after little Natasha is born...and she starts talking to Neal.

Or so he thinks.

Of course, little Natasha never speaks in front of anyone else, especially Annie. But soon, even stranger things start happening, and Neal begins to believe the baby is "out to get him. " Annie is sure he's cracking up--she thinks his breakdown is driven by the guilt Neal feels over wanting the pregnancy terminated.

By the end of the book, Neal and the baby are engaged in a knock-down, drag out battle of wills that goes far, far over the top. Yet, readers Neal simply imagining all this, or is it really happening? The end of the book is as shocking as that of Wild Child, and readers will know the answer.

My beta readers say that story is both creepy and hilarious at the same time: a black comedy that borders on horror. It's not for everyone--some may find the notion of a "mean baby" distasteful, and they shouldn't read the book. But, as one reader recently said, "Anyone who ever brought up kids will tell you that they can be absolutely devilish at times."

You can read a sample here.

Better yet, buy it right now! Here are the links to Amazon:

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