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This Week's Reader Interview with Dawn Torrens

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?   
I was born Dec 14th, in Beverly, Yorkshire, England.  I have been writing  since I was 9 years old I started out writing poems as a means to escape from my not so great reality at that time. I worked as a model at weekends for M&S for a few years to pay for my first house as well as working full time in accounts and studying in the evenings. Then very recently I self published my first book, "Amelia's story" by D.G Torrens. A true powerful story (my story) This book was written for my daughter who is my life my heart my everything! I  wanted my princess to understand the hard road I had to travel before I got to  where I am today. My daughter is currently almost 3 yrs old, so she will not be  reading it for many years to come yet. I almost did not make it through my  childhood, but I am very thankful I did, and have not wasted a moment of my  life since making it to adulthood. So now I treasure every moment, I love  jogging, and have completed 5 belts so far in kickboxing! I love good wine,  eating out, traveling reading/writing are passions of mine, I cannot read or  write fast enough!. My motto is: "The child first and foremost."  

When and how did you discover that you love reading fiction?  
I discovered my love of fiction at a very young age, reading the likes of Enid  Blyton, again reading like writing poems was a means of escape for me, I  realized I could transport myself into the story I was reading at the time,  this for me was both magical and life saving, sounds dramatic but believe me  its true! I would read anything I could get my hands on, I was like a sponge  and soaked it all up. I have a love of reading, and my too read list is so very  long. I currently own a Kindle with so many books lined up to read at some  point, I am working my way through them all.  

What are some of your favorite books and who are some of your favorite  authors?  
This is very easy, I have read every single book James Patterson and Patricia  Cornwell have written, I love there work I love Charles Dickens, Emily Bronte,  Jane Austen, to name but a few, my favorite books have to be, "Pride &  Prejudice" This book is so beautifully written, set in a time when ladies were  ladies and gentlemen really were gentlemen! The romance of it, the language is  just so captivating. Another favorite book is, "Wuthering Heights" the power of  this book the love torn couple, the angst, its mesmerizing, and sad. I have  read hundreds of books over the years, and will read hundreds more in the  future! The books I love to read and continue to remember are those that draw  me in emotionally one way or another, the ones that make you feel strongly for  the characters. I read a book recently which caught my attention in this way  and that was, "The leaf catcher" by Dax M Tucker this book was beautifully  written and reminded of the greats like Dante. This book had such a profound  affect on me, and will be one I remember too.  

What is your favorite thing about reading fiction?  
What I love about reading fiction, is that you can be transported instantly to  a place, reading fiction expands your imagination and allows you to explore the  impossible! Sometimes we all need a form of escapism and for me a really good  work of fiction is my escape.

Do you have any “pet peeves” about authors, something they do that really  annoys you?
Yes a pet peeve is when an author has taken the time to write a brilliant book  and then goes and ruins it with a really bad ending, or should I say not very  imaginative ending! I have come across this so much over the years, and I  really don't understand. If your going to take the time to write a brilliant  book don't rush the ending...Another thing that annoys  is "Prologues" this is  exactly what it should be, but some are far too long and they do not need to  be.  

Do you write fiction yourself?  
Yes, I have an Unfinished thriller based novel, which I am taking my time to  write, hopefully it will be out next summer 2012. I am currently half way  through now. I love writing fiction and have great imagination, I hope to write  many novels in the future.  

What do you think about ebooks vs. paper books?  
There is a place for both I believe, I own a kindle and find it so handy when  traveling rather than carrying a heavy book! However I am also a book lover and  have collected hundreds over the years, I love the feel of the actual book. I  could not be with out my kindle now, but I also could never give up my books  either. I am a lover of both ebooks and paper backs.  

What is your favorite Mike Wells book and why?
Ahh now this easy, it has to be "Lust, Money and Murder" I really could not put  this book down! I could identify with the Elaine the main character on some  level my self. Elaine had lost everything, she wanted to avenge her fathers  death, so proceeded on an amazing journey to do just that, she came up with  genius idea of joining the secret service, so she could seek out the very man  responsible for her fathers death, however this took her in a direction she was  not expecting. Finding herself in Bulgaria working for another secret service  agent she unexpectedly fell in love him, I think a lot of women can relate to  this! Things were going great for a while until a bad secret service agent  secretly got in touch with her and managed to convince Elaine that her boss was  under investigation for illegal money laundering. Elaine left Bulgaria with out  a word to her lover and went to work for another government agent, but all was  not as it seems and she gets drawn into Russian mafia dealings through no fault  of her own, she finds herself fighting for her life. I could go on and on about  this story I loved it so much! I want more of this Mike please...I loved your  writing style,each page was full of excitement, I found this very hard to put  down. I'm kind of envious I wished I had written this book my self!  

Thank you so much, Dawn, for taking the time to give an interview for my blog.  
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting me here today,  I visit your web site often as it is very insightful and full of valuable  information. I have recently down loaded your book "Wild child" on to my kindle, so I am looking forward to getting lost into this book too. Please may  I just mention that my book, "Amelia's story" by D.G Torrens - a percentage of  all my sales goes to the NSPCC & Barnardos.

Thank you once again Mike.

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