Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wild Child will be a Series!

This past few days I've decided that I'm going to write more Wild Child books and make it a series. This is based on reader and book reviewer (blogger) feedback.

I plan to keep the same short, fast-paced format of Wild Child and feature more adventures will Kyle and Briana. The second book (as yet unnamed) will take up where the first book left off.

I hope to write these books relatively fast, perhaps one book every two months, or even faster.

I have already dived into the first book and should be finished in about a month.

Which means I need to stop writing blog entries and get back to work!


  1. First follower and commenter! Great moment for me, even better for you because that means I now know you have a book I need to read. :)

    Good luck on making your book into a series!

  2. Thanks, Kelsa! I feel like I should award some kind of prize for my first blog follower and commenter--how about a free e-copy of Wild Child? Do you have an e-reader?

  3. Great idea, Mike. I'm looking forward to reading Wild Child, even more so if there's a series to look forward to.

    Good luck with your endevours.