Sunday, October 20, 2019

Book 14 of the Lust, Money & Murder Series - Preorder or Download Now!

Big news!  The 14th book in the Lust, Money & Murder series (Book 2 of the Japanese Trilogy - The Invisible Manhunt) is now available for pre-order on all major ebook retail sites.  It will be officially released in ten days, on Wednesday October 30th.

HOWEVER, for my VIP Readers on this list, the entire book is downloadable immediately from my online bookstore - you can get a 25% discount for sharing on Facebook (Both Kindle and ePub versions -  pay with credit card or PayPal)

Here is the synopsis:

When Giorgio Cattoretti enlists the help of Elaine Brogan to track down the international serial killer he unknowingly let loose on the world, Elaine reluctantly agrees.  She believes that the deranged murderer knows the location of The Factory, the illegal passport production facility that she’s been after for months.  When Elaine and Luna Faye ask to be put in charge of the case, they’re forced to cooperate with a team of competing foreign crime specialists who, above all else, must not learn the killer’s true identity.  Elaine’s relentless pursuit takes her from Lyon, France, to Kiev, Ukraine, to Budapest, Hungary, to Dubai, UAE, and finally, to Barcelona, Spain.

Join Elaine, Luna and The Cat on another fast-paced, high-stakes Lust, Money & Murder adventure!

Lust, Money & Murder, Book 14
(The Japanese Trilogy, Book 2 - The Invisible Manhunt)

The Japanese Trilogy, Book 2 - The Invisible Manhunt:

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