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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Passion, Power & Sin, Audiobook 1 Now a FREE Download (4.5 Hours, Unabridged!)

Passion, Power & Sin, Book 1, is now a free unabridged download from Soundcloud.  If you've never listened to an audiobook before, this would be a good time to try one out, as this audiobook comprises 4 1/2 hours of absolutely free entertainment and is already a highly rated listen on Audible (average review of Books 1-5 is 4.3 stars).  Expertly narrated by LA voice artist Karin Allers, with theme music by London-based composer Adisha Kariyawasam, you can either listen to this audiobook online or download to your device (for offline listening) from the links below:

Listen or download PP&S Book 1 chapter by chapter (as playlist)
Listen or download the entire PP&S book 1 (will play while downloading)