Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Custom Author Services from a Bestselling Novelist

Are you an aspiring author? In the process of writing a novel? Or you've already written a fantastic book but sales are not what you've hoped for?

I can help.

I offer the following services to other authors on a time-permitted basis:
  • Content/story editing to improve reader engagement & sales. From hard-learned experience, I know how to edit a book so that it is 'unputdownable' - grabs readers' attention on Page 1 and keeps them nailed to the story until the very end.
  • Copy editing & proofreading. You cannot afford negative reviews due to a poorly edited manuscript. I use a team of experts who can make your book error free.
  • Beautiful interior layout and formatting, for both ebooks and paperbacks (print-on-demand). Nicely formatted books transmit professionalism to your readers.
  • Professional book cover design (ebooks, audiobooks, and paperbacks). We're not supposed to judge books by their covers, yet if yours is not eye catching and intriguing, your book will not be noticed in the first place. 
  • Synopsis/blurb copywriting. After your book cover catches a reader's attention, you need a strong, compelling blurb and synopsis to entice readers to try the book.
  • Marketing tools such as animated GIFs and video trailers. These can be effective in marketing - I use these in my own book promotion and can create them for you.
  • In short, everything that I do to help make my own books into bestsellers, I can do for yours.  
For more information, please contact mike@mikewellsbooks.com and tell me how I might help.

Happy writing!

Mike Wells

P.S. If you are interested in having your book traditionally published, I also offer query letter development and assistance with submission to literary agents.  Over the course of my thirty-year career as an author, I've had four  top New York City and London literary agents representing my books.  I know how to land a good agent, and I can help you do the same, provided you have a commercially-viable book.  Contact me for more information.

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