Friday, May 1, 2015

Your Weekend Reading Material has Arrived!

I'm excited to announce that Wild Child, Book 3 - The Patriarch is now available for download on all the major retail sites (links below).  If you're a Wild Child fan, I know this book has been a long time in coming and I appreciate your patience.  It took me a while to figure out where I wanted this story to go, but when the direction finally came to me, it really grabbed hold!

Synopsis:  Kyle and Briana find themselves ensnared in the bizarre Evergreen Colony, hopelessly addicted to the magical green water. At first glance, Evergreen appears to be a utopia. Each of the nearly five hundred members enjoys extraordinary physical and mental abilities, perfect health, and nearly eternal life. But there's a catch: once you drink the water, you can never leave. Kyle soon discovers that one man may have secretly developed an antidote--the former Evergreen Patriarch. Can Kyle track him down without being killed, or will they be trapped in the colony forever?

Wild Child, Book 3 - The Patriarch

Comments from beta readers:

"Reads like a tsunami coming at your full force!" - Tome Tender Book Blog

"The writing itself is so excellent that it has the addictive quality of the green..." - Mehreen Ahmed, Author & Book Reviewer

"My daughter and I have enjoyed all three of these books immensely! They just continue to get better and better!" - Amy G. Dehart, Amazon Reviewer

"The character development in this particular book was the best I've ever seen in a book before, especially with the female heroine, Briana." - Bailey Crawly's Book Blog

"An exceptionally absorbing read and another fine addition to my e-book collection." - Adisha Kariyawasam, Music Composer & Book Reviewer

I hope you enjoy Wild Child 3.  If you have not read the first two books, I will be publishing all three together as a trilogy in about a week.  For the first seven days I will price it at the same price as Book 3 by itself, so please grab it quickly if you want it (I will send out another email when it is released).

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Theme music for Wild Child, Book 3 - The Patriarch created by London-based composer Adisha Kariyawasam

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