Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Secrets of the Elusive Lover Now Available as an Audiobook

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Secrets of the Elusive Lover has just been released as an audiobook and is now available for download on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon sites (link below). Mark Torres, the narrator, has 20+ years experience as a theater actor in New York City. I believe he brings a lot to the project, really makes the characters come alive.


Every woman knows an Adam. He's a "player," the type who professes true love, but with eyes that never stop wandering. He always has the perfect excuse when you find that long strand of blonde hair stuck to his collar, and fidgets whenever you get near his computer. Adam can't fool Bethany, who, despite her better judgment, falls head over heels him. Bethany is far more intelligent and strong-willed than Adam bargains for, and he finds himself smitten, too. Hilarious at times and poignant at others, Secrets of the Elusive Lover explores the age old challenge of obtaining the unattainable man, and the paradoxical issues surrounding monogamous relationships.

Note:  There is some sex that takes place between characters this novel, but it is not graphic as the sexual acts are not actually depicted.  It is more about the impact of sex on relationships and particularly non-monogamous relationships.  It is a fun and thought-provoking listen.


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