Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! (2014)

I want to wish all of my readers and fellow authors a Happy New Year and thank all of your for your support during 2013.

I thought this would be a good time to share what I hope to accomplish in the coming 12 months so you'll have an idea of what to expect:

Sequel to Lust, Money & Murder - as I mentioned in the December newsletter, I'm working hard on this project.  Although the way I ended the first series made it particularly challenging to write a sequel, rising to that challenge has resulted in a rich story that I believe is just as engaging, if not more so, than the original.  In fact, struggling with this sequel has made me realize that there a quite a few books that could be spun off from the original, books featuring different characters that many readers have expressed interest in knowing more about. These include Nick LaGrange, Luna Faye (Elaine Brogan's tough-as-nails martial arts instructor at the Secret Service Academy), and Dmitry (the Russian taxi driver who helps Elaine in Moscow).Escape from AtticaLust, Money & Murder audiobook has already agreed to narrate the sequel and hopefully can start as soon as it's in her hands.
You can expect to see the sequel and one or more of these books in 2014.  Also, Sue Sharp, who narrated the original trilogy has already agreed to narrate the sequel and hopefully can start as soon as it's in her hands.
I've already outlined several of these and even designed a cover for Luna's story,

Passion, Power & Sin Audiobook - this is a fairly long series, with about 22 hours of estimated recording time, but I hope to have this out in  the latter part of 2014.  I'm auditioning narrators as we speak.  This series also has the potential to branch out into more stories featuring Heather Bancroft and/or the minor characters (Alana Maya and David Winsor, for example). I feel some inspiration to move in this direction, but will have to gauge how readers feel about it--the series has not been out long enough to tell.

Wild Child 3, 4...etc.?  This is a series I really need to finish, but I'm in a sticky place with it.  The readers who want more are very loyal and vocal, but, unfortunately, small in number.  Believe it or not, Wild Child is the slowest selling ebook title of all that I've published.  I still haven't figured out why, especially considering the amazing history of the paperback version of the book.  But to those readers who are waiting for the continuation and conclusion of the story:  I will finish it, I promise.  I just don't know when.

That should keep me busy!

As always, I'm open to questions and suggestions about what you would like to see from me - always feel free to let me know your thoughts by commenting below or emailing at mike (at)

I wish you a happy and rewarding year ahead!


  1. Wishing you a successful New Year Mike. May all your projects come to fruition early.

  2. happy new year to u mike wells.. thanks for the update on how things are going with your books.. sounds as though its going to be a challenging year with wild child.... looking forward to see whats going happen once its done..... great to here what u are doing with the characters in other books brill cant wait to see what happens next God bless