Monday, September 5, 2011

Wild Child Sequel Released!

In response to popular demand, I'm thrilled to announce that "Wild Child, Book 2 - Lilith" has now officially been released.  This is an exciting day for me--as with the original , I poured my heart and soul into this sequel to make it the best possible read I could.

Wild Child, Book 2 takes up where Wild Child left off.  Join Kyle, Briana, Brawn and Brains for another hair-raising adventure with the magical "green water." I've introduced several new, intriguing characters.  The book is also written in the same lean, fast-paced style as the original.  I believe it will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next!

The book is available now as a Kindle book on the Amazon USA and UK bookstores.  Within a week or two it will be available on Barnes & Noble, the Apple iBookstore, the Sony E-bookstore, and others.

If you're not a Kindle owner and you're anxious to start reading the book, it's also available right now on Smashwords in all other e-book formats (Nook, Sony, iPad, Palm) and can be purchased and downloaded immediately.  If you don't have an e-reader, there are a number of free e-readers you can download for your PC, Mac, tablet computer or smart phone, such as the Kindle Cloud.

I hope you enjoy this book.

In the meantime, I'm busily working on Wild Child, Book 3, the next in the series, which I plan to have out by the New Year's holidays.

A big thank you to all the readers and other folks who made Wild Child a smashing success!


  1. Is there a date for release of the 3rd book yet? Only recently got the first two and am now dying of anticipation for the next. Please hurry mike :)

  2. I havent found any information on the third book release date
    is the book still being released
    The firsts to were amazing please make a third

  3. Hello, I was wondering, when will you be releasing the final book? I need a conclusion bad. The first and second were amazing. Great work!! New fan here :)

    1. It will be released very soon (honest!) as I am almost done with it. It's twice as long as either of the other two books, maybe longer, very excited about it I would say it will be out in a month. Already have the cover designed, all ready to go.

  4. That's awesome!! Thank you so much for the fast reply. I can't wait!